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The official website of the City of Mansfield, Texas


The Mansfield Police Department maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity at all levels. Each Employee embraces our core values.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, in partnership with the community, to foster a safe atmosphere promoting the highest quality of life for all people.


Police to Citizen

Police to Citizen (P2C) offers citizens access to commonly requested information such as jail inmates, most wanted criminals, crime reporting, missing persons, and warrant listings.


Mansfield Sexoffender Registry

Offers citizens access to all sex offenders currently registered in Mansfield. Sex offenders are located on an interactive map.


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Alarm Permits Online

Mansfield residents may now register, renew and pay for their home security alarm permits online. The Mansfield Police Department, working with the Cry Wolf program, has developed the Mansfield False Alarm Reduction program online site to allow residents to

  • Access to your account online with a login and password
  • Obtain a new permit, renew a permit and pay any alarm fees online or by mail to: Mansfield False Alarm Reduction Program, P.O. Box 205212, Dallas Texas 75320-5212
  • Access tips and advice on how to eliminate or reduce false alarm calls
  • Update permit information online
  • Access convenient customer support 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, in both English and Spanish through a toll free number.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Alarm Administrator, Danielle Cupples at 817-276-4733.

Posted on 08/22/14
Missing - Teresa Monet Rosas
Missing Person Flyer

Posted on 06/08/14
Severe Weather Notifications

The City of Mansfield Emergency Management Office is encouraging residents during this severe weather season to register for the city’s Code Red emergency notification system. Residents may register phone numbers to be called during specific weather events including tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings. You can elect to receive one, two or all three warnings.

Registration is free. Visit the webpage here for more information. Another good way to stay informed is with a NOAA All Hazards Radio. These can be purchased from most major retailers for about $30. They may be programmed for emergencies in selected counties.

If you do not have access to the Internet or need assistance with any severe weather issue, contact Mansfield Emergency Management at 817-276-4777.

Posted on 05/24/13
Help Recover Stolen Property, ReportIt!
ReportIt - Track and help recover stolen property

ReportIt is a free, secure online service allowing citizens to record serial numbers and upload images for phones, electronics, and other valuables. Should the citizen later become a victim of theft or burglary, this information will go a long way in allowing the police department to accurately and quickly identify the property, as well as allowing the citizen to make a complete report to an insurance provider.

The ReportIt service is a part of LeadsOnline, the online system that works with police across the country to track and recover stolen property, which is based in Dallas, TX. The MPD uses LeadsOnline on a daily basis to help track and recover stolen property ---- everything from jewelry to sporting equipment to electronics, computers, cameras, and other items such as designer clothing, collectibles, and other items with invaluable personal worth. The system allows detectives to search for stolen items using a variety of parameters, including item descriptions and serial numbers.

The LeadsOnline database includes product information that is entered automatically whenever an item is sold to a pawn or secondhand shop. This information is immediately viewable by participating law enforcement agencies across the country. The MPD was a charter member with LeadsOnline and pays a yearly fee in order to access this database which has been invaluable in solving numerous crimes since its inception.

LeadsOnline is now making the ReportIt service available at no cost to the citizens of their member cities. Any Mansfield citizen can now register for the free service at and immediately begin building their personal property inventory list. Citizens can store an unlimited number of serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that items can be more easily identified in the event of theft. The extent in which a detective can search for a stolen item is always limited to the description and information about the missing product that the citizen can provide.

None of the information entered by a citizen will be available or viewed by any other citizen or any police agency, and it will not become part of LeadsOnline database for searches. It is simply a safe secure online site for a citizen to create a list to keep track of their property. If the citizen were to sustain a loss, the citizen could then print the list and make it available to the police and or insurance provider. Likewise, citizens will not have access to the LeadsOnline system used by the police.

Posted on 02/06/13


Public Safety Building

The Public Safety Building was built in 2005; currently operates the police administration, criminal investigators, community resource officers, police records, property/evidence technician, municipal courts, and fire administration.

Phone NumberPhone: 817-276-4700
1305 East Broad St.
Mansfield, TX 76063

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