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The official website of the City of Mansfield, Texas


Housed within the Mansfield Fire Department, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating the emergency management program for the City of Mansfield. It's program goals are to plan for and maintain the public peace, health and safety during an emergency.

In the event of severe weather during the spring storm be prepared, the old joke about Texas weather is as much truth as it is humor. Always be aware of approaching weather systems. Updated information can be obtained from TV, radio, and the various websites listed on this page.


CodeRED - Emergency Notification System

The City of Mansfield now has the ability to notify you about emergency situations faster than ever before with the CodeRED Emergency Notification System - an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notification.


The Homeland Security Advisory System is a comprehensive and effective means to disseminate information regarding the risk of terrorist attacks to Federal, State, and local authorities and to the American People.

What is the National Terrorism Advisory System?


Flood of 2004

Flood of 2004

The Municipality is exposed to many hazards, which have the potential for disrupting the community, causing damage, and creating casualties. Natural hazards include earthquakes, floods, severe weather, and wildfires. Threats of terrorism are also a consideration in preparation and response. The Municipality also faces threats of hazardous materials accidents involving the transportation, trans-shipment, and storage of hazardous materials.

To address these potential threats, the OEM publishes the city's emergency management plan. This plan provides the framework upon which the City of Mansfield prepares for, responds to and performs its emergency response functions during times of natural or man-made disasters or national emergencies. The plan is based on the four phases of Emergency Management which are:


Activities that reduce or eliminate the probability of disaster or damage.


Activities that government, organizations and individuals develop to save lives and property.


Actions that minimize the loss of life and property and provide emergency assistance.


Short and long-term activities that restore city operations and help return the community to a normal state.

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