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The official website of the City of Mansfield, Texas



Unless you are subsequently advised otherwise by the City of Mansfield, you are granted permission to create hyperlinks only to web pages, provided that the link accurately describes the content as it appears on the site.

The City of Mansfield reserves the right to revoke this permission, or access to specific links at any time, and may discontinue links due to content management practices. If you link to the website, we prefer you link directly to the homepage instead of internal links.

  • Under no circumstances may you "frame" the website or any of its content!
  • Under no circumstances may you directly link to any image file, media file, javascript, or stylesheet! Bandwidth stealing is strictly prohibited.

Each page within the website must be displayed in full, without any accompanying frame, border, margin, design, branding, trademark, advertising or promotional materials not originally displayed on the page within the site.


The website contains hyperlinks to government websites or public agency websites created & maintained by organizations other than the City of Mansfield. These links are provided for your reference and convience only. The city does not provide links to private, commercial, and non-profit organizational websites unless the city directly uses the services of the institution and feels that it would provide the citizens a service within the context of the webpage.

The City of Mansfield does not control other websites and is not responsible for their content; nor does the City of Mansfield inclusion of links to such websites imply any endorsement of the material on the websites or any association with their operators. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the policies of that site.

The links to outside webpages may direct you to sites containing information that some people may find offensive or inappropiate. The City of Mansfield makes no representation concerning the accuracy, copyright compliance or legality of material found via links to outside webpages. The City of Mansfield reserves the right to refuse to post any website links. External links are supplied for the purpose to provide a service to public under the city's discretion.

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