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The official website of the City of Mansfield, Texas


The City of Mansfield strives to do it's best in providing the most accessible website to the best of our knowledge. This site has been built to accustom people with disabilities including: blindness, hearing impaired, and limited mobility.

If you have any special needs that need to be accommodated, please Notify us. We will try everything we can within our abilities and knowledge to help you.


Use of compliant CSS and XHTML allows us to control the order in which the content is presented to the end user. This is helpful to someone who is without vision, it enables them to use a screen reader such as J.A.W.S. to present the website in an audio format. Other features that help include the following:

Number OneAccesskeys - Assigns a keyboard shortcut to the hyperlink. This is primarly used in the main drop down navigation buttons. Each word has the first letter underlined indicating the shortcut letter. Simply press and hold the Alt key and tap the shortcut letter to make the menus drop down. From there you can press the Tab key to advance to next link in the menu. Pressing the Enter button will activate the link.

Number TwoTab Indexes - Sets the tab sequence of hyperlinks in the page (pressing the Tab key moves from one to the next hyperlink). You can use the keyboard to navigate through the entire website. Simply press the Tab key to navigate through each link. Press the Enter key to activate the link.

Number ThreeText Versions - With the use of CSS, two versions (text based & graphical) of the website are no longer needed. When the website is viewed in a browser that doesn't support web standards, it simply displays an unstyled text version of the website.

Number FourSkip Navigation - In the event that someone uses a screen reader or text browser such as Lynx to access the website, the first link displayed will be the skip navigation link. This is allows someone to skip strait to the main content of the webpage instead of hearing each menu item read out.

Number FiveAlt Tags - Lets you set text that the browser can display before an image is displayed, or text the browser displays if the browser doesn't support graphics. This is particularly useful in the event when someone who is blind is accessing the website. It allows a way to convey meaning to an image that cannot be seen by a screen reader or a text based browser.

Number SixFast Loading Pages - Each page is on average 15 - 20kb which means it should take about 3 seconds with a 56k modem to load the website. People with dial-up connections can certainly have an appreciation for this. Images and code have been highly optimized for this specific purpose.

Number SevenDrop Menu Navigation - As you have noticed this site uses a drop down menu navigation that allows you get what you are looking for without having to click through several pages. If viewed in a text based browser the menu simply appears as an unordered list which makes it extremely valuable to someone without vision. We strive to make it where you can reach your destination within three clicks.


If you have any special needs that need to be accommodated, please contact us. We will try everything we can within our abilities and knowledge to help you.

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