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The official website of the City of Mansfield, Texas


A City Council meeting is the process of making and amending laws, developing policy and making legislative decisions for governing the City.

Form of Government

The City of Mansfield runs a Council-Manager form of government. Each member of the Council including the Mayor, is elected at large, meaning that there are no council districts in the City of Mansfield, but rather that each member represents the city as a whole.



Learn more about the Mayor.The Mayor is recognized as head of the City Government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of military law, but shall have no administrative duties. The person elected Mayor presides over all meetings of the City Council.


Each Mayor is reelected after their three year term.



Council members are expected to attend regular City Council meetings and to serve as liaisons to various advisory committees. Each Council member has an equal vote on all action taken by the Council. There are seven positions (6 council members and 1 mayor) to ensure that every issue that is taken before Council is granted a decision, there are no tie votes.


Each Council position is reelected every three years. Council members do not have a limit on the amount of times they can be reelected.

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