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Welcome to the City of Mansfield

Welcome to Mansfield, a dynamic, growing community with a rich history and a bright future. In its more than 100 years Mansfield has developed from a rural, farming community to a bustling suburban city of more than 50,000 people. Read More ...

Watering Schedule

Any citizen wishing to make their opinion known to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on their consideration of issuing a permit to allow for a solid waste disposal company to locate within City of Mansfield for the purpose of incineration of solid waste including medical and bio-hazard waste may make such comment at the listed link. The application number under consideration is #40272. The City of Mansfield has no authority to approve or deny this application so anyone wishing to express their view is encouraged to contact the T.C.E.Q.

The City of Mansfield Water Utility Telephone Payment System is currently offline. Payments can still be made online, by walk-in during regular business hours, or via night drop on the west side parking lot at City Hall. Please check this website for updates.


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Positive West Nile Mosquitoes

How to protect yourself and others from West Nile Virus

Howard Redfearn
Environmental Manager

The City of Mansfield was notified by the Tarrant County Health Department that one of the sample locations has tested positive for West Nile Virus twice during the month of August. It has been a quiet West Nile Virus season until the past few weeks, but that does not mean the risk has gone away.

The City has completed surveillance of the area and will be sending notices to residents in the immediate area asking them to help protect themselves and others by removing any standing water sources from their properties.

It is important to remember recommendations for personal protection:

  • Avoid outdoor activities at dawn and dusk.
  • Drain any standing water in and around your homes. Mosquitoes use stagnant pools of water for breeding.
  • Dress in long sleeves and pants when conducting outdoor activities
  • Use an effective mosquito repellant, preferably one containing DEET, Picaridin, Permethrin, or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.

All residents should empty any containers holding water and turn them over so that they cannot be refilled. Bird baths should have their water changed every two days. Check gutters for leaves and other debris and clean out where necessary. Tires that are stored on the property should be in an enclosed building and should be checked regularly to be sure dew and condensation are not allowing enough moisture for mosquitoes to breed.

The next Tire Amnesty/Beautification Day will be 7 a.m. to noon, Oct. 4 in R.L. Anderson Stadium’s parking lot. Check the city website for a map of the area in the coming weeks. Residents can bring tires and large, bulky items including tree limbs for free disposal at the event. Piles of tree limbs and leaves are another potential mosquito breeding site.

The decision to spray is under consideration, but would be limited to the immediate area surrounding the positive mosquito trap site. Spraying pesticides to control adult populations of mosquitoes is not an effective means of long term control. The most effective means for preventing West Nile Virus infections is for property owners and tenants to survey their property and eliminate any potential breeding sites.

City staff will continue to evaluate the situation, and if more information indicates the potential for a West Nile Virus outbreak, the City would take appropriate measures to respond.

It is extremely important for those who are over 50, under 15 and any one with a compromised immune system to avoid outdoor activities around dawn and dusk and to wear appropriate clothing and use repellants if engaging in outdoor activities at any time of the day.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus infection typically begin to show up from 3 to 15 days after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. Symptoms are very similar to the flu and can include: fever, severe headache, light sensitivity, stiff neck, confusion and muscle weakness. If these symptoms begin, seek medical care as soon as possible, as with most diseases early detection and treatment can increase recovery success.

For more information about the City’s mosquito program, how you can protect yourself and your family and how the City monitors for West Nile Virus, please follow this link:

Posted on 09/02/14
Proper Handling of Spills Prevents Environmental Damage

Howard Redfearn
Environmental Manager

The City often receives calls from residents when some sort of spill has occurred, anything from paint or dyes to oil or gasoline. Usually, the initial spill has been made worse by a resident, or the resident’s contractor, attempting to wash the material down the street to make it “go away”.

Unfortunately washing it down the street doesn’t make the spill go away. It has entered the City’s storm drain system and will eventually get into a creek or pond and then eventually to Joe Pool Lake. Along the way these pollutants can cause aesthetic issues, and often lead to the death of aquatic plants and animals.

When a spill occurs, regardless of what it is, there are a few common ways to deal with it and lessen the impact on the environment and your pocket book. As soon as the spill occurs, try to contain it. If you have cat litter, sand or any other absorbent material in the house, use this to soak up as much as possible. Digging a hole in your yard, or throwing a few towels on the spill will be much cheaper than the City getting involved and having to call in a cleanup firm. It is possible the contaminated materials will need special disposal, but that will be the cheapest option by far.

If the spill is a dry material, such as concrete mix, simply sweep the material up and dispose of it. Do not try to wash it down the gutter. This leads to a mess for your neighbors to deal with and increases the size of the spill.

The City’s Stormwater Quality Protection Ordinance prohibits the discharge of anything into the storm drain system that is not unpolluted water. Additionally, the permit the City has with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) requires the City to conduct enforcement on violations of this ordinance.

If you see one of your contractors doing this, it is better for you to stop them and let them know what they are doing than for the City to have to pay you visit after they have left.

Posted on 08/28/14
Alarm Permits Online

Mansfield residents may now register, renew and pay for their home security alarm permits online. The Mansfield Police Department, working with the Cry Wolf program, has developed the Mansfield False Alarm Reduction program online site to allow residents to

  • Access to your account online with a login and password
  • Obtain a new permit, renew a permit and pay any alarm fees online or by mail to: Mansfield False Alarm Reduction Program, P.O. Box 205212, Dallas Texas 75320-5212
  • Access tips and advice on how to eliminate or reduce false alarm calls
  • Update permit information online
  • Access convenient customer support 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, in both English and Spanish through a toll free number.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Alarm Administrator, Danielle Cupples at 817-276-4733.

Posted on 08/22/14
Mansfield Wurst Fest
Mansfield Wurst Fest Flyer

Participants that wish to enter the 2014 Wurstfest Weenie Dog Race need to fill out and bring the Official Entry Form.

Posted on 08/18/14
Notice of Proposed 2014 Property Tax Rate
Notice of Proposed 2014 Property Tax Rate

Posted on 08/15/14

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